Welcome to Bee Love Farm

Bee Love Farm is a family run, sustainably minded, local honey farm, gift store and community gathering center perched atop the sun-kissed Santa Cruz Mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in beautiful central California. Our family farm is a producer and purveyor of the finest local, raw, hand-pressed honey, bee pollen, artisan beeswax candles, pollination service and related wellness and lifestyle goods that are available through our farm, local-complimentary delivery service and select community markets.

Bee Love Farm Mission

Love * Community * Education * Nutrition

Bee Love Farm Vision

Bee Love Farm is a family run apiary that produces and delivers the highest quality honeybee related products and services with a special focus on community, environment, education and sustainability. We work to achieve these goals through sustainable, evidence-based practices, education, community gathering opportunities, mentorship and employment.

Bee Love Farm History

Bee Love Farm began on the family farm in Santa Cruz, California decades ago, using our “old fashioned,” sustainable-methods of caring for our honey bees, our community and honey harvest, for the enjoyment and wellbeing of everyone. These values are resonant in everything we do today; you can taste them in our honey, enjoy it in our other related products and service and be a part of them through our community and education programs.

We foster the perfection that nature creates in all that we do. Our happy, healthy honeybees thrive as they gently harvest the precious, local nectar, transform it into their delicious raw honey, then at the height of perfection seal it in their beautiful beeswax comb until we hand extract it for you at the normal hive temperature of 97.3—maintaining the integrity of the raw honey.

Come and enjoy visiting our family run, family friendly farm and gift boutique, which can be inquired about through the details provided on our contact page. Relax and revitalize in the beauty of our natural surroundings, picnic amidst our botanical grounds, learn and be inspired in our rich learning center, participate and connect in ongoing demonstrations and gatherings, play a child’s game, listen and laugh, read a book in our woods and enjoy the wonderful selection in our gift boutique that include exquisite, handcrafted, pure beeswax candles, honey products and local artisan gifts.

We look forward to you, your family, school and organization joining us on our farm and in community. Lets plan your next visit, event or farm tour, and provide our free farm fresh delivery, in so doing, create our best world together.

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Enjoy, be well and Bee Love!

Kalyne, Buzz, Leilani, Maddie, Ashley, Ally and Grace
Bee Love Farm Family Round