Goddesses, Goodness & Spring

Almond Blossom, Bee Love Farm LLC

Goddesses, Goodness & Spring

As we welcome the month of March today on our Gregorian calendars around the world, here in the Northern Hemisphere we also welcome with it the beauty and regenerative power that is Spring. Meteorologically speaking the Spring season begins officially today on March 1, with the magic and celebration that is our Vernal Equinox occurring this year at 3:29 AM on Monday, March 20. On that day the Sun crosses the celestial equator on its way north along the ecliptic and all life on Earth shares in approximately the same sunlight.

Almond Bud Bee Love Farm LLCWith our wondrous honeybees we mark the approaching wonder that is Spring with the beautiful blossom of North America’s first crop for the year—delicious and nutritious almonds grown in the San Joaquin Valley.

The Greeks explained the changing of seasons and Spring magic through the myth of the beautiful goddess, Persephatta, who’s name translates to “female thresher of grain,” originating from the Sanskrit word parsa for sheaf of grain.

The story goes that the beautiful goddess Persephatta was born the daughter of Demeter and Zeus; Demeter being the goddess of Earth’s fertility, agriculture, good harvest and related prosperity and Zeus being the god of the sky and king of the Mount Olympus gods.

Painting of Goddess Persephatta Persephone by Alfons Mucha 1896Hades, the god of the Underworld was so enraptured by Persephatta’s beauty and overtaken by misguided emotions of love. One day while the young Persephatta picked flowers with other goddesses and nymphs, Hades kidnapping her—opening up Earth’s ground and vanishing her without the awareness of anyone.

The goddess Demeter was so grief-stricken by the loss of her daughter that nature withered, crops stopped bearing fruits and flowers no longer bloomed. Filled with compassion the Sun intervened, revealing to Demeter what it had observed from high above, that Hades had taken her daughter to the Underworld.

When initially confronted Hades would not agree to return Persephatta but through openness and conversation a mutually agreement was reached to share the goddess Persephatta with her mother. From that time on Persephatta would enjoy eight months of each year on Earth in shared endeavors with her mother the goddess Demeter and enjoy remaining four months with the god Hades in the Underworld.

In this arrangement, Demeter so missed her daughter when they were apart that she would freeze Earth’s nature creating the winter and was so overjoyed when they were together that Earth’s surface warmed with good weather, flowers bloomed, nature was fertile and verdant.

Bringing Our Farm to the Community

We operate our honey-farm to support and afford our shared mission and values of love, community, education and nutrition. This is resonant in everything that we do.

One consistency we share in this is the desire and effort to source and eat truly local, sustainable-produced, nutrition-rich, whole, natural foods at every measure. We are eager to go beyond the labels, to develop direct connections and holistic understanding of how the food we source and eat is not only good for our bodies but additionally good in all related respects for our world.

Our Bee Love Farm family is committed to investing in our shared well-being—families, friends, food, community—and welcomes the opportunity to be an authentic, cherished, direct link back to these foundational values.

As our community warms, chickens begin laying, blooms appear in majesty, plants begin to fruit and our healthy, happy honey bees jubilantly come to life amidst the glorious rebirth that is Spring, It is our pleasure to formally share with you our new Free Community Delivery service. Tested for weeks prior to our farm being in transition, our Free Community Delivery is now available to all of our bee-loved customers and community members.

In addition to our local, raw honey and related products you will notice limited quantities of the freshest seasonal organics produced on ours and other local farms within our community. Locally produced organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, and more—fresh from farm to your table—all grown and produced locally, in our community.

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