Bee-ing in Community

Kids today are so busy at such young ages, with the constant use of electronic devices taking up a significant portions of their precious time—precious time could be used to connect with and explore our wonderful natural world.

At Bee Love Farm we strive to share our exciting, natural environment and insights with our community; filled with awe, kids and families explore and learn about the natural wonder of our world, themselves and each other.

Our free hive tours on the farm is one extraordinary way for you and your family to “suit up” and experience this through exploring the real life magic that is inside a colony of our honey bees. We encourage you to call today and inquire about reservation availability.

For those who would rather investigate this connection at a distance, we have our abounding observation hive which readily reveals its magic through a beautiful glass encasement.

We have had just the right amount of rain and sunshine this year for an abundance of local wildflowers contributing to the wonderful health, well being and happiness of our honey bees on display in this colony.

We look forward to sharing the awe and beauty of springtime together.

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